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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is EYYS for?

End Your Year Strong is a diverse gathering that welcomes industry leaders, dreamers, influencers, and history makers from all walks of life. Our attendees represent a broad spectrum, including C-suite executives, doctors, prime ministers, and premieres, alongside stay-at-home parents and teachers. EYYS is an inclusive event, open to anyone aged 16 years and above, embracing individuals from all walks of life who seek inspiration and empowerment to make a positive impact in their respective fields.

What is EYYS?

End Your Year Strong (EYYS) stands as the foremost apostolic & prophetic summit globally, offering a unique and empowering experience for believers to actively participate in God’s unfolding purposes for humanity. This transformative event equips attendees with prophetic insight, providing the necessary tools to thrive, advance, and prosper as influential change-makers, fearlessly tackling the challenges of our time. Join us at EYYS and elevate your impact on the world!


This year’s EYYS will be held at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel in Atlanta, GA.


EYYS is set to take place on December 14th at 7 pm. Tickets are available to purchase here through the date of the event.

How can I get involved?

Join our EYYS Team and be a part of something incredible! You can contribute as an EYYS Servant Leader, Sponsor, or Vendor. For more information on how to get involved, please visit the site tab above. We’d love to serve with you!

Can children attend this event with attendees?

While families are extremely important to us, we are unable to accommodate children at EYYS. Please make alternate arrangements for childcare if you plan to attend or serve at End Your Year Strong.

Will there be any vendor booth opportunities available at this year's Summit?

Yes. Vendor booths are available at this year’s Summit! For more info, click here. You will be contacted upon acceptance.

Is photography or videography allowed at the Summit?

Professional cameras (DSLR or with a detachable lens), flash photography, or video or audio recordings are not allowed during any session, as we desire that everyone be free from distraction to experience EYYS.

However there will be ample opportunity for you to go live, record videos, and take photos to post on your social media between the breaks. We do not allow any form of video or audio recording. Going live on social media is also prohibited.

Are meals provided during the Summit?

Meals will not be provided for the general public at EYYS, however, there is a wide range of food options available at or within walking distance of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel for all attendees.

How do I pay for my registration?

You may purchase a ticket online and pay with a credit or debit card. Please note that you will be redirected to a Cvent event page to purchase your tickets.

Click here to begin your registration process.

When will I receive my ticket?

You will receive an order confirmation email from Cvent immediately, which includes your EYYS ticket. Please note that you must present your ticket (whether printed or via smart phone or tablet) for entry to EYYS.

Can tickets be cancelled or transferred?

Tickets purchased for EYYS are non-refundable and non-transferrable to another Cindy Trimm Ministries (CTM) event.

Is there a group rate?

There are no group rates for EYYS as we strive to offer the lowest possible price for all attendees.

Are there any payment plan options?

We do not offer a payment plan for EYYS tickets.

What is the schedule for serving at this year's Summit?

Your schedule for EYYS will depend on your specific team assignment, which will be communicated by your Team Lead. However, you should be prepared to be available to serve through the entire Summit.

When will I need to arrive if I am a Servant Leader?

You will need to arrive in time for a mandatory Servant Leader meeting, which will take place Thursday. Details will be communicated by your Servant Leader Coordinator.

Do Servant Leaders need to purchase a ticket?

Yes, however Servant Leader registration details will be provided upon acceptance.

What if I am accepted as a Servant Leader, but then unable to serve?

We realize that emergencies sometimes arise and alter your availability to serve. If you apply and later find out that you cannot serve, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can fill your position. Teams experience significant challenges if notice is not given, so the earlier you can let us know, the better.

What is load-out?

When the Summit ends, our teams begin breaking down the different areas that were in use. We ask that all Servant Leaders be available until released after the last session to assist with load-out.

What is load-in?

On the day before EYYS, we will be preparing the venue for our attendees and it will take the entire day fully set up for EYYS. So please try to arrive Wednesday evening or prepare travels for early Thursday morning.

KSM Graduation FAQs

What is a KSM graduation?

Kingdom School of Ministry (KSM), founded by Dr. Cindy Trimm, is dedicated to empowering individuals within the framework of their unique purpose, enabling them to unlock their full leadership potential and make a lasting impact on current and future generations.

The KSM Commencement Ceremony celebrates the achievement of students who have completed all mandatory coursework and testing, and will proudly walk across the stage to receive their diploma in ministry.

Who is eligible to participate as a 2023 Graduate?

Any KSM student, whether attended in-person or through online programs, who has fulfilled the graduation requirements between 2020 and 2023, is eligible to take part in the commencement ceremony.

Where will KSM Commencement take place?

The KSM Commencement will be held at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

When is KSM Commencement?

The KSM Commencement is set to take place on December 14th at 10 am. This event is free of charge and open to the public, welcoming all to join in the celebration!

How can I become a graduating student of KSM?

We are thrilled to have you as a prospective KSM Student! To be eligible for graduation in the future, you must fulfill the graduation criteria, which involves attending KSM, whether in-person or through online programs, diligently completing all homework assignments, and successfully passing all testing materials.

For more information about the upcoming in-person KSM sessions, visit We look forward to seeing you thrive in your journey at KSM!